Our Approach To Podcast Development

As the PodTopics Chattanooga Team begins working with our clients and as we launch our collaboration with the Chattanoogan.com on the development of the Chattanoogan.com’s Podcast Directory, we are looking forward to serving businesses and organizations which may have not previously considered podcasting as a form of outreach across the community.

One of the true beauties of podcasting is that a podcast can be shaped and formatted in a variety of ways – all of which can be very effective. While podcasts can (and often) feature extended conversations and deep dives into specific topics, it’s also possible to use podcasting to provide a high-level overview of a subject and give your audience insights on how your business works with people interested in that particular topic.

The general flexibility of podcasting provides businesses and organizations of all sizes a popular and engaging communications platform that can be used within a more direct and shorter format. To be clear, a series of five- to 10-minute podcasts on a given topic or a service can be highly effective – especially if the production is well-planned and well-edited into a strong final product.

Podcasting gives you a platform to discuss the topics that matter most to the customers, clients and prospects of your business or organization. A well-organized and well-produced podcast can provide you with a competitive advantage in the market, because the audience is hearing your expert perspective on your chosen group of topics while they are also getting to know a bit about you and your services.

Is using podcasting the right move for your business or organization? What type of podcast can work best to serve your needs? These are among the first questions that we ask anyone considering a podcast. Our evaluation process also includes working the business or organization to identify their goals for a podcast. Understanding what you want to achieve and identifying your target audience are major pieces of the puzzle when evaluating whether or not starting a podcast is worth pursuing.

As you can see, the approach we take to podcast development at PodTopics Chattanooga is not limited to a single template. We work with our clients to explore their particular set of needs and considerations. This process allows us to truly collaborate with our clients on developing a podcast production that is designed to meet the goals noted and it speaks to the audience identified during the evaluation process.